Uitstap naar Tenterden

18 juni 2018

Our day trip to England


Last Saturday at about 6.30 a.m. we left De Leest by bus for our day trip to England.

In Calais there was a security control. Everybody had to leave the bus to show his I.D. The terminal in Calais is called Charles Dickens.
We had to wait a long time to check-in. For Nicole, Hilde and  myself , it was the first time we travelled by train (underneath the sea!) to England. Previously we had done it by boat.
We arrived at the other side 50 minutes later than planned.

The bus drove through a beautiful landscape with beautiful views, direction Tenterden. It was about 11.00 a.m. English time ( in Belgium it was already 12 o’clock) when we arrived in this lovely old town.
We ate our picnic on a wooden bench in a quiet green environment.
In our brochure the Chennel Park Walk was described. We thought it would be a good idea to make this walk, because the weather was bright and sunny.
The walk started at the end of the High Street. This street is a shopping street with many typical shops and restaurants.
Passing an idyllic house with the name ‘Garden Cottage’ and a small gate called ‘the Kissing-gate’ , along a small romantic road, we arrived in the middle of nowhere.  We followed the path for 2 to 3 kilometres. We walked through meadows with beautiful trees,  passing a group of mature oaks, shrubs, over footbridges, along hedges and a little pond, through kissing-gates, to be right back in the High Street. The walk had been a kind of adventure.

There was still half an hour left. Together with Christine from the 3rd year of English I took a look in the Saint Mildred Church, which had an impressive tower and a very beautiful interior. In the meantime Hilde and Nicole were buying English books in a typical bookstore.

At about 2 p.m. we left Tenterden for Pashley Manor Gardens. They had been restoring the gardens and the parkland for more than 30 years. The Sellick family has lived here since 1989. Anthony Pashley is the eminent landscape architect and this garden was nominated as ‘ Garden of the Year’ in 2017. It received the HHA (Historic Houses Association) prize.
There is a beautiful sloping lawn with rhododendrons, high trees, beautiful flowers, a big pond, a rose garden, a kitchen garden with lots of vegetables and herbs. There was a ‘Special Rose Week’. They also sold roses.
In April-May there is a ‘Tulip Festival’ and in August there are the ‘Dahlia Days’
In the garden room café we enjoyed a tasteful cup of tea with a delicious piece of cake.
Between all this beautiful nature there are even more beautiful sculptures.
There is also an open air swimming pool.
On the meadows around the garden we saw the sheep grazing.
Many of us bought a souvenir in the Gift Shop.
We enjoyed this beautiful setting in a sunny atmosphere. It was like walking in a dream.
Unfortunately this dream came to an end, because the bus was waiting to leave towards  Folkestone, to the Victor Hugo Terminal.

The return trip went smoothly and we were back in Izegem at 11.15 p.m.
Hilde, Nicole and myself had a pleasant day together. We laughed and chatted and we had a lot of fun, on the bus and outside the bus.

This trip was very successful, so we hope that they’ll organize another trip next year.

Greta (English Threshold 2)


Some personal impressions of our day-trip to Tenterden:
The landscape was open and wide.
The houses were in typical English style, with subdivisions in wood.
I think there was no cable TV, because many houses still had antennas on the roof.
There were many flowers and plants in the front gardens, but few in pots.

During the walk there were endless views , but we couldn’t really enjoy them, because we had to look all the time where we were walking because there was a lot of cow and sheep dung!

The Pashley Manor Gardens were worth a visit!
It was blissful to walk through them.
Flowers, plants and trees in all kinds of smell and colours.
The vegetable garden was also a sight for sore eyes.
Neat rows of vegetables, tomatoes , lettuce, fennel, artichokes...too many to mention.
You immediately felt like trying everything!
We enjoyed the afternoon tea with cake, between the flowers and ducks.
It was really nice!

In the tax free shop in Folkestone , I tried different fragrances of perfume.

The return journey went smoothly.
It was a beautiful, sunny and funny day and certainly worth repeating.
And as always: the absentees were wrong!

Hilde (English Threshold 2)



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